Friday, October 5, 2007

Climate Camp - Where Next?

Hi everyone. This blog was created because several people have said there is a need for a place where we can have discussions about what we should do next, in advance of the national gathering on Nov 3-4.

In order to see what people have written, you need to click on the link at the top, where it says 'Climate Camp - Where Next?'. To add your thoughts, just scroll to the bottom and hit the 'comment' link.

(I know this isn't the nicest website ever created, but it seemed more important to do something quick than to do something really nice!)

Please only use this space for writings about this topic - if people post writings on other topics this blog will simply become less useful as a tool for us to discuss what we should do next as a national group / movement.

Also this blog is really intended for people who were at the Climate Camp and/or had some involvement in it, or want to in future - so by all means tell people about it on email lists, but don't advertise it on the web generally.

See you in Oxford!